Reversing a sample

Continuing the discussion from Screen is Dimming:

Can anyone tell me if the S2400 is capable of reversing samples? I’ve went through all of the functions and did not see anything that says reverse sample.

p31 of the manual

Press F7 to reverse the area between the start and end points. Multiple reverses of multiple
slices are possible. Long-press F7 to undo all reverses, or optionally, just the last one (even if the
start/end points have been moved).
Reversing is destructive, meaning that it changes the actual sample in memory. To make the
changes permanent, save the sample.
For short samples, (size < 2MB), the reverse(s) are still in memory after exiting waveform editor,
the reversed sound will be saved when the kit/project is saved. If the file was not already in the
kit/project directory, it will be copied as usual, but with the reverse(s) applied. If it was already
in the kit/project directory when it was reversed, the file will be overwritten with the reversed
version. For long samples (2MB < size < 64MB), the reverse(s) will be lost if you exit the
waveform editor without saving.

Concerning reverse, I wish there was an indicator or something that can help because when you open a project again after 6 months, the only way to remember that something is in reverse is by ear.