Recommended Gear?

Ok so…

I have owned a few bits and pieces of gear over the years but never stuck with anything…few MPC’s here and there, an s950, an Etmu Mophatt and a few other stuff, but sold them all soon after buying them due to money issues and not really being committed to them or I flat out didn’t need them but just bought because I just wanted it.

Im definitely more serious about my music making now and getting the s2400 is more than just a new sampler…

Its a new direction for me.

I’m trying to slowly go analogue as my starting point of creating music.

The s2400 being the obvious first point of action.

Im now considering getting a mixing console as the next step.

Im just kinda battling with myself to get one or not.

Do you think it’s worth it?

Is an analogue mixing console worth the extra:
Money - Weight - Electricity bills - Cable headaches

Over lets say the Waves SSL channel plug ins that I already own?

Any suggestions are welcome.

I would love to hear your recommendations on any pieces of gear that after years of experience you see as things you cant do without.


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Well, I’d say it depends on your setup.
If you’re willing to drift away from computers, yes, you will definitely need a mixing console except if you intend to plug the S2400 straight into your speakers or just use it with your headphones (that’s actually the way I’d use it if I were to get a hardcore minimal set up, with a jack going off into any cheap digital recorder). But if you want a mixer, I’d suggest any second hand McKie VLZ series. They’re cheap but super solid, have a good sound all in all and you’re ready to go.

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Appreciate the reply,

Yeh as it stands my set up is basically just the not yet arrived s2400…super super hardcore minimal…lol

I just want to basically do as much out the box as i can.

Theres no way im gonna have multiple racks of outboard gear like eqs and compressors etc. (not that i wouldn’t want, just its not realistic financially for me)

So im still going to be in the box a lot when it comes to finishing a track off.

I just really like the idea of getting my main bread and butter done on the s2400, then running it through an analogue mixing console, eqing on there. Then recording the tracks into the computer for the finishing touches, fx, mastering and so on…

Also having the mixing console would then give me the opportunity to possibly buy little bits and bobs of outboard gear as the years go on…

But thanks for the VLZ recommendation, ill be sure to check it out.

My option - because I can afford it - will be to couple the S2400 with a Tascam Model 12. No more computer needed for me, except, maybe, if I want to upload some tracks on bandcamp or soundcloud. But this is mainly my dream set up - cause I’ve never appreciated making music on a computer. Silly, but it never worked for me.


I dont ever think I will be funded enough to get a “real” console in the near future, and going a mix of out and in the box required I have a lot more inputs available. I bought a Presonus Studio Live 32 so that I could have anything I owned on the ready to play without patching or otherwise jacking around with cables. For me, at least that was the “revelation” for my work flow to be more productive. I got the SL 32 because they were closing it out for 2k which was around what any good 32 input mixer would going to cost(without flying faders) Ive heard and seen mixed reviews about the Presonus, but can say that after getting through the learning curve Ive been really happy with mine, and find the LA-2A compressor to sound almost spot on to the real deal. (has a limited number of dsp efx you can purchase from presonus)

Anyway, I wont try to sell you on the presonus, but I will try to sell you on having enough inputs available at one time so you arent moving things around in the middle of a creative streak. Mackie VLZs are good ‘workhorse’ mixers, and while the conglomeration of companys like Allen and Heath may mean they arent what they once were, you could do something like a Zed mixer or even the new Tascam mixers seem to be pretty good.

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Just had a look at that Tascam, sure does look sweet.

got my eye on a Soundcraft fx16 ii at the moment.

Reading mixed reviews on the on board effects. It’s Lexicon effects so seems like it would be good but read a few comments now of people slating them.

I guess a good reverb and a delay is all i really for fx need when I’m sampling. Everything else id sort out in the box. So i’m pretty interested in this Soundcraft one.

You planning on using the onboard effects on the Tascam or some outboard ones?

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You can sell me all you want…no way i can afford that lol

looks like a right beast of a machine though.

Nice and thanks for starting this topic, sharing your ideas, and welcoming discussion. I too am looking into boards, here’s the thing I’ve learned. Rather than have a specific model/piece you watch for, and then get one irrespective of condition etc, I’ve learned it’s better to get the best shape/working/condition piece, even if not the specific model you look for. For instance, I have had the beautiful Yamaha cmx100ⅲs cassette on my want/watch list forever, but pass up the non working ones and instead got a MT100 mark 2 because it was like new in the box found in an older man’s garage. I follow this credo with all sorts of old purchases now, but nothing moreso than boards…

Old boards need work, many don’t have regular parts availability, and the ish will cost you, and they are big so you really don’t want to be shipping them around. I’m lucky here in Baltimore, we have a place that does electronics repair near here, but they are a storefront, and they charge. My friend has a nice ass Allen and Heath and he love the sound of it, he took it in there and they said it was going to be 300, he took it home, sprayed it down, and got most of the scratchiness out, but it still aint right all the way.

I do highly recommend a nice analog board, taking into account the cost of getting it tiptop etc.

As for indispensable gear, I don’t mind sharing among fellow early Isla enthusiasts!

A working tape recorder or digital recorder like zoom or tascam or minidisc etc. I can’t live without. Get a PMD or at least a voice recorder, or if you ball out a working Sony D5 (they’ve gone so high now it’s nuts). With many it’s No bootup. No software. No setup. No cords. Not even a power button. I have an idea, I literally press 1 record button and it’s on there, this is a life changer for me, as I find the key to creative work is capturing an idea as it comes to you, rather than setting up and sitting down and hoping inspiration will come to you then. It’s easy to get lost in the complexities etc.

An analog filter. I sold my MFC42 and wish I didn’t. I know it’s not the wildest, and analog filter fans are a cool bunch, but analog filters are cool as hell and I want more of them ha.

There’s a bunch I’m working out I need to fill in but I’ve been filling things in for a while and made great strides to get a system together after selling and going thru difficulties in past etc.

Things that are indespensible that I don’t have yet that are expensive are nice monitors, compressors, and converters.

All good equipment is an investment, in the gear, in yourself, in your dreams and in your workflow, happiness, creativity, etc. If gear becomes merely an expense, then it’s no dice.

O yea, 1 more thing that is super crucial that I’ve invested in is CABLES and ADAPTERS. Yeesh. So many, still getting some. I recommend designacable in UK and watching for mogami on ebay for good used ones. No need to get sick-level audiophile, but I’ve grabbed a couple here and there on sick deals, but the cable game gets to esoteric weirdo levels and pros use mogami or canare (or gotham, sommer, klotz, and some others) so that’s quality we can trust. I don’t get shite cables and I don’t get cables that are on some billionaire surgeon audiophile levels of madness either. Oyaide makes great cable too but they get pricey. Also Evidence. I use all of these brands.

Cheers and happy hunting!!! Wishing well and hoping for you to get a nice board!!!



These EA Ski vids had me google the Trident sheesh that thing sounds strong on his vids

I’m not much of an fx guy. I have a formant filter from electro harmonix in a drawer. I love it. Don’t know if I’ll use it with the 2400 though. Used to cherish my bit crusher, but it’s obsolete with the 2400 also :slight_smile: So I don’t know if I’ll ever use the fx on the Tascam board. Probably will give them a try of course. Maybe I’ll find one I love.

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Wishin luck w the tascam :volcano:

Why ? Is it complicated ? Looks pretty much like a revamped Portastudio to me. But I did not try it yet.

Just wishing luck getting a nice one for sure tascams are great :rocket:
not insinuating it’ll blow up like a volcano ha

Simple is good, I’m hoping to get a board local to me that has a lil weird routing etc but I’ll figure it out. 79-early 80s I think things were just starting to get legs with ease for home recording etc :boom:

I would suggest you get a 8 in 10 out ( or more ) AD/DA converters interface before thinking of a console.

A cheap console wont bring much to the table as you will probably have all you need in the S2400 any time soon.

If you want to get some analog gear between your S2400 and your PC, choose and pic the pieces that you really need. Dont buy twice starting with scrap.

A console take space and the benefit are subtle as in the best case ( $$$$ ) you’ll get some saturation and a nice analog EQ curve ( $$$$$ ) and in the worst case you’ll just introduce more noise in your signal before going in your AD converters ( aka Mackie VLZ ).

Start with the first step and get yourself a good interface then go from there.

If you’re really picky with your sound once you get an interface that let you get multiple channel back into your PC, have a look at small 35 to 45 years old consoles. They can be bought for cheap and does bring a certain mojo to your sound but they usually need maintenance ($$).

After that, if youre obsessed by that analog sound, get yourself a Reel to reel.

Dont sweat it, the benefits are not as big as they seem.


I like to utilize my mpc 4000 and my asr 10 and track them with two Bae 1073 preamps in a Rupert Neve lunchbox that goes to my Apollo twin (dry). After that it goes to pro tools and I use some vsts from waves and universal audio (the analog classics bundle) before I send off to a my mixes to a mastering engineer with all analog gear. For me I like using both but keeping it simple as well. I also wanted to go full analog but I also am traveling around for my job. The S2400 and kordbot is gonna be the perfect beat machine combo with a portable turntable my lunchbox and Apollo and laptop and call it a day.

I hope this helps you and I’d also recommend getting a satellite from universal audio for more dsp if you go that route and choose a couple of really good pres and eqs of your choice with a lunchbox and you’d have the analog sound along with a tremendous space saver. What I did was I called vintage king and sweetwater and just spoke to the representatives about the direction and overall sound I wanted. (Classic neve 1073) and they pointed me to the bae 1073 which went with all the original parts the og went with. I’m currently saving for a couple of Api eqs and I just bought a Tk audio bc501 which is mimicked off of the SSL master bus compressor for my R6 rack space. Good luck with your endeavors and transition. I hope this helps.


What you described here is what im thinking about getting. A new good interface with 8 or more inputs.
Im considering a focuswrite scarlett 18i20 or a uad apollo, but the apollo is a bit to expensive.
Do you have any recommendations in that regard?

Excellent advice all around here :flying_saucer: :mechanical_arm:

There are many great options, I’ve been reading tons of forum stuff on gearslutz and elsewhere. You can go with less inputs and higher quality or very great quality now even with lower priced offerings. I’d recommend something that is flexible with different operating systems and great support, over the bundled soft/plugins, or even the amounts of i/o. Metrichalo is more expensive but a great one. Babyface, fireface. You may want to look into an Allen and Heath ZED that is an analog console with firewire if you have firewire or thunderbolt to firewire, my friend loves his. UH-7000 is one, a hidden gem of sorts, and added bonus, you don’t have to worry about it ever becoming a paperweight with updates or anything, because it will operate as a mic pre even away from the computer, and it’s a high quality piece, deceptively so. Or a Zoom recorder will work as a field recorder and an audio interface, I’d recommend looking at them too! With just the S24 and the Zoom you can record. Best of luck navigating, lots of reading for sure :rocket:

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@Boef1 It depends on your need and your Operating system.

I’m on Windows 10 and recently took a shot at the Focusrite 8preX.

Its a discontinued interface and got it for under 750$ USD.

I do have a old 1981 console so I needed 2 SMUX in and Out to connect my Lucid 88192.

The 8preX is a good interface. The inputs are clean and the AIR function is usefull when you need that extra grit and bite.

I’m not a fan of the UA offering simply because of the plugin gimmick but I recon that their plugin sound good. Sadly, I cannot say they sound better then anything NOT requiring their DSP accelerator chip so I cannot give any value, for me, to spend over 1000$ more just to get that technology in my system. But some require more CPU processing so it may fit them very well. I dont.

There’s many interface available nowadays and very few are bad apples.

If your budget is limited and you plan on using the same system as you have for a few more years, just go verify the compatibility and shop for old Apogee unit or RME Fireface800 for example.

You’ll need to see what feature you require as well. Some ( like the 8preX ) come with preamps, some are simple converters ( like my Lucid 88192) .

If you can tell me which OS you’re on and what feature you need, I could point you in some good inexpensive direction.