Reason 12 MIDI Sync

I am unable to sync the S2400 to Reason 12. I am working on a MacBook Pro M3 connected via USB B. Audio input and output works for all channels but I can not change clock source in AudioMidiSetup. Transport In, MMC In/out, Clock Sync and sync settings / clock out in Reason are set properly.

S2400 → Reason 12
Run/Stop works, Rec/Edit not. Tried “Remote Override” for the record button without success. How do I receive (or send) Rec/Edit?

Reason 12 → S2400
Does not work at all. No clock or transport message is send to the machine. Maybe it is related to the settings in AudioMidiSetup: Clock source is always “device”.

Anyone got this working?

Answering my own question:

Audio Midi Setup
Do not set the S2400 as an audio input or output device!

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