Question about turning unit off (will add more ridiculous questions after looking at the manual first)

Forgive me ahead of time for the incredibly dumb questions I’m going to be adding to this thread. Just got my S2400 (first ever standalone sampler) and spent some time late last night failing miserably to sample from my turntable lol. I’m going to try again right now and write down all the problems I come across then add to this post later. If anybody could point me in the right direction I’d be eternally grateful. But before that my first wildly stupid question is how do I safely turn off the s2400. For context I’m coming from an MPC Renn which suggests you quit the software before turning the MPC off my question is do I just go ahead and switch the S2400 off whenever (assuming I’m not saving) or is that bad for the s2400 without further action ahead of time.


You can just turn it off. I get in the habit of saving before I do though. On sampling, make sure the gain knob on the back of machine isn’t all the way to the left (facing the machine), try it maybe right in the middle or right of center. Select the input you’re sampling from, Phono 1 or 2, or input 1 or 2 if not using the phono inputs. Then gain level, threshold and record. You’ll get a digital readout of the input level as well as green lights across the mute/solo buttons once gain is properly set, and then threshold needs to be at or below the incoming signal for the machine to be able to record, because you’re setting the volume level (threshold) that needs to be surpassed to trigger recording.

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you can turn it off and on, but you may stress the S2400 slightly less(and Im talking about a time scale of many years here) if you hit Shift + Enter + Back to do a soft reboot. I know some people swear that turning things off and on will kill it instantly, but that hasnt been my experience in 20-ish years of messing with music gear. Anyway, if you just want to reinitialize things, shift+enter+back accomplishes the same thing as a turn off/turn on.

My question is, what is happening that you need to reboot? Lets walk through that and we can figure out if its necessary or not.


In case you haven’t seen it yet.

I guess the right direction is to encourage you to read the manual and watch all the video tutorial first :slight_smile:

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Thanks JuniorG! So that’s what “Input Trim” is? I definitely planned on asking about gain because one of my problems was it kept saying “sample clipping” so I’m sure this will help. Another issue I had was a crazy amount of noise while monitoring although I guess if I had the gain cranked up that would explain that too. (I’ll report back)

Thank you!

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Thanks SAP actually “soft reboot” is exactly what I was hoping for! Didn’t know the terminology. Thank you! lol to answer your question I knew I’d be wanting to “reinitialize” pretty often while first learning how to use the s2400 and assumed turning it on/off wouldn’t be good for the hardware but “Shift + Enter + Back” solves that.