Possibly some kordbot midi features?

chords for us idiots who can just about play :rofl:

arp etc

not super important for me and i am not saying this should have such cool functionality, in fact i could see 100% why there would be no shared features but it would be very nice eh


Even without chord it would be great to have scales /key définition when playing a sample, example : you load a sample kick bass (one needs to know the note of this sample) and define a scale / key to play it internally according to the key and scale selected.

This is same behavior as the tempest for reference.
It is possible without putting at risk the software coherence ?

Would be awesome to have this natively on the S2400, was just thinking of your use case last night. I downloaded a free app that was surprisingly pretty spot on - play a sound, progression, whole song, whatever and it’ll tell you the key if a full song or progression, chord if single chord, note if single note. I’m on iOS and it’s called KeyFinder if interested.

I’m always referencing just about every sample in a pattern with another app I’ve used for years called “n-Track Tuner” - very robust and customizable tuner that works amazingly well with low frequencies, especially tuning kick bass.

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I’ve been using KeyFinder too, for more than a decade. I’ll have to check out n-Track Tuner.


I’m really glad I stumbled on it, works great - not that it took long was the highest rated key finding app by a fair amount.

n-track is by far the most accurate tuner I’ve used - if you have an iRig, Headset Buddy - any way to get direct audio to phone/tablet instead of using the mic even better. I’m one of those nerds that on occasion wants to fine tune to Scientific/ philosophical pitch equal temperament or A432hz just intonation - explore the metaphysics of sound a bit lol…and it allows you to get very specific with temperament, calibrations, even tuning methods.