Polyphonic mode like Emulator II, Emax, Mirage, EPS, ASR, Akai S

Seen mentioned previously on Facebook but not seing that here, bear with me if wrong, off topic, or late to the party:

Once the main beat machine part is fully mature, a proper polyphonic sampler mode like classic rack and keyboard units would be amazing.

Basically allocating a single or multi-sampled instrument (or more) over sections of a virtual keyboard and then being able to play chords from a MIDI keyboard (or the pads), and have the 8 voices (or some of them) distributed/stolen accordingly.
May not take much advantage of the sequencer as is (unless there’s a creative bridge I’m not thinking of) but doesn’t seem completely far fetched with all the typical synth parameters already implemented, let alone the coming analog filters.
This way typically in a patch you could get say 3 rhythm voices, 1 bass and then 4 playable voices of a proper house piano, a retro Oooh Aah choir, or a nice gritty wavetable synth already built in with the included single cycle waves.