Panning using pads

Hi, when panning tracks it would be good to touch track pad to select track as well as using , pressing the select dial, as would be able to get to the track easier and quicker for panning


Yes. It would definitely improve the workflow!

Great idea!

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yeah track channel pan + pad + the knob on top of the fader to set pan for that individual track

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There is no track pan. Only channel pan.

Yeah I must admit track pan would add complexity to something already complex. Probably not the idea of the century :slight_smile:

With the current limitations concerning polyphony, voice allocation, channels disconnected from main out when using separate outs for analog filters, I m afraid it wouldn’t help that much.

It is not as simple as using the main stereo out and panning individual tracks in this main out and then only use separate outs when recording to a computer :slight_smile: