OSX updater please?

when I download the OSX updater for my kordbot it is the windows file. can someone provide the OSX version?


I’m in the same boat. Link the the OSX Updater leads to a Windows updater folder

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Same problem

@Brad_Holland @Mickey

There is no longer a Mac updater application.
It has been broken due to later versions of osx updates and Apple changing things.

We are not making the app compatible since the PC update method works and future fw updates are performed by SD card.

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@bradholland This will be a MAJOR issue down the line for all Mac users since the new MacBooks only come with USB-C ports so using an SD card will be a hassle instead of a USB cable. I think at that point you better look for a friend that has a PC in that case but still, it should be such a hassle to update the machine. This should be something to deeply reconsider.

So do I have no choice but to go somewhere where I can access a Windows PC to do the update? Didn’t do the update when it was released in September and now can’t get the OSX updater??? Really??

@bradholland Open source it!

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Does anyone knows if a virtual PC like VirtualBox, Parallels or something like that can be used to update the firmware with a Mac?

I’ve used virtual box and the free windows 10 images to update a bunch of hardware using “windows only” utilities from my macs. It has always worked for me. I recommend people who are having issues give this a try. It’s free, and it works.

This is a joke. Please open source the updater.

Why would you have the Macos installer link download a windows installer?

I had to watch a long silly video before I could even figure out what was going on.

Please at least put a not in the osx section explaining the situation.

I mean, come on.

I have made the OSX updater available now.

Apple would break the way the app worked every other update and we don’t have the resources to patch it each time, which is why we moved to SD card updates.
Apparently, it will work with big sur.

There are plenty of other DFU opensource firmware update programs if you want to look at source code, and in fact ours was already based on the open source dfu-utils. and in fact you can just program the firmware using command line dfu-util