NOTE ON in loop/slice mode for start point

In the live video I ve seen you triggered a pad many many times while shifting start point. I think it would be nice to be able to keep the pad pressed when skimming through the sample with the data wheel.

Otherwise I am impressed by the video and what you re doing in general. Must be really tough to manage everything. Respect.

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What you are asking for can be done by using the quantize/note repeat button. Otherwise if it did it automatically it would be a mess (not everyone wants the sample starting over every time you adjust a start point.)
Right now this works the same way the 1200 does.


Thanks for your answer.

I’ve just taken a video with my MPC to show the idea. (sorry for the crappy quality)

It’s possible to do both. Pressing the pad as many time as you like or keeping the pad pressed when skimming through the sample.

I don’t know how it works precisely to be honest but it seems to be an auto-trigger function related to the waveform zoom level.

For my workflow with the MPC (sorry again), 99% of the time I keep the pad pressed because it is easier to find the right spot like this.