Normalize function, executed if pad pressed accidentally

Precision: I have samples on each pad except A1. Only 2 loops running on A2 and A5. I put an envelope on A2, it lacks volume and want to boost it → normalize function

When pressing A1 accidentally volume boost is executed and running sample on A5 stops till the sequencer loops and go back to bar 1.

I had a graphic glitch in which pressing accidentally another pad with a sample on it increased the waveform like a square for this sample. Unfortunately couldn t reproduce it and did not take a picture.

Finally not a feature request, only an opinion but if normalize would be accessible from Level mode rather than Loop/Slice it would feel more natural. Otherwise same opinion than other people here, generally I think that volume management in the december firmware is difficult. I know it’s already discussed and probably already done so hopefully problem fixed in the next update :slight_smile:

The issue with pressing a different pad while the normailze dialog is up was fixed in dev.

It does make sense to have normalize accessible from Level fader mode as well. It is in the waveform editor because that is where you get dropped after recording a new sample, and normalize is needed then. But, it can be added elsewhere too.


Thanks. I see. I haven’t had the need to normalize after sampling because I m always near the red on the LED bar graph but indeed some people with a different workflow certainely need it. :slight_smile: