No Midi Out? No power through 9v?

I received my Kordbot today. FW is most current.
I plugged it into my PC and played a few notes into my DAW and soft synth over USB.

I then took it to my Prophet Rev2 and connected it via MIDI. No notes. I was powering it by a USB cable plugged into a power strip that had USB connections. I tried it on my D-05. No notes.
I thought maybe the presence of a USB cable was causing the Kordbot to send everything through USB, so i turned off MIDI through USB. No Notes. Then I grabbed a 9v Boss adapter and plugged it into the Kordbot after removing the USB cable. No power. I tried the 9v output of my Ojia. No power.

Any clues? there is no mention power supplies in the manual. and there is nothing on this forum that points to issues with exclusivity of MIDI messages when connected to both USB and MIDI DIN.