Nice proper bound manual


i know many will call out waste , FW updates change details etc and quite often i would also agree but this thing has the opportunity to become a classic, not just a piece of gear that has a brief spell in the limelight. Most of our classics have proper manuals and they sit on the shelf with the rest of our books and mnauals and then may end up staying complete with the box for later viewing, i cannot be alone in this habit.

I would hope we get one, done properly, i know a searchable pdf is arguably better but there is nothing quite like opening the manual when you open the box, hitting power and GOING in :grinning:

I wonder


Agreed! I vote for hard copy manual for sure


agreed as well 2 copies lol

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That would be cool indeed.

Maybe someone can take this project into his hand and create a PDF document first then find a company to press a few copy for those that want to buy the manual. I’d pay 40 bucks for a hard copy fully detailed.

Only issue I can see is the future updates that wont be included in a first version of that said manual.


£31 for a proper Hardbound book. Just upload the PDF file. You can even design your own cover.


Hi, I agree with the spirit of this request. It’s been my intention from the beginning to produce a manual which is formatted for printing, vs economized for the PDF format.

I also understand that things will change. Features will be added and revised. I’ve learned a lot about this, and the impact it can have on a manual just as the firmware has been developed so far. Like start over from the beginning more than once… So printing a definitive document might mean having complete and “final” firmware, which in some ways, for all basic functions, makes a lot of sense, but since Brad is so ambitious, and there’s so much planned, I think that maybe the best course for me to take is to produce a lovely set of manuals - the Quick Start Guide and the User Manual - which are formatted with consideration for printing and binding in mind.

This will make it a simple matter of sending the PDF to a bureau and having them run you a copy without anyone needing to worry about page numbers, or formatting.

That’s my plan at present.

I should have the quick start guide done and available for people shortly, the in depth manual will take longer, as things are only just now really taking shape with certain parts of the firmware, and I don’t want to have to start all over again again.

Everyone’s patience, trust, kindness, and faith in this project has really been deeply felt. This is an amazing, and very small team of talented and committed people who are blowing my mind. I love this thing, and I believe that you will too.


Sounds like a perfect solution to me sunshine.
Really looking forward to both the quick-start guide and user manual!
Maybe ready before new year?
Keep up the good work!


:+1: indeed

and i cannot wait to see your take on it

glad you are on board man, really glad

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I once had an elektron manual printed at a local printer from the PDF. It was spiral bound with clear plastic front/back cover sheets . I believe it was $15 CAD to do that IIRC. Not ideal but still doable.

Id actually prefer a spiral manual .

Easier to go to a page and just make it sit there while playing on the machine.

I would love to have a manual. So important. Ideally a physical one coming in the box, and also a pdf to take around.


How about a Spiral manual like Phunx747 suggested , but when important updates and implementation arrive, we just add the missing pages to the manual ?

I mean, I’d be surprise that a whole remodeling of the functions happen whenever something is implemented.

So we could basically have a manual without page numbers but by letters per ''topic / funcionality ‘’ and sub subject or points under it.

This way we could open the spiral book and just place the missing pages adding to the correct order without messing with the page numbers as there would be none…

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Just to add some balance to the debate - a printed manual is absolutely pointless for me, especially when it will be out of date fairly quickly with more firmware development, the unit has so much on help pages already built in, and pretty much everyone has access to some sort of device which can display a PDF from a website close at hand at all times.


yes i get that completely :+1:as do many and the balance was mentioned in OP :wink:, yes of course the obvious argument regarding updates but that misses the point and sentiment of the OP completely

version 1 will likely stand for some time, addendums come online in pdf

and i know we can all print as we like and bind them later, i will do that if we don’t get a proper one.

Likewise, I get you. I meant balance more in terms of contrary to the people all chiming in saying they want a manual, here is another person that would really rather not have a printed manual - I’d much rather the cost of doing that for every S2400 was sunk into firmware development hours, getting the analog filter daughterboard ready etc. We can’t do that stuff ourselves, but we definitely can get a PDF printed out nicely on our own.


Thats really great! Im a complete beginner with tons of passion but no skill. (yet) But I alsoknow a great product when I see it, and as I grew up on Hip Hop, the OG’s rep is well known by its reputation. The fact your willing to make a manual is absolutely awesome. I personally will get alot of use from that and just wanted to say thanx and good luck! I cant wait.


I have old school manuals that I duplicated or made BEFORE the internet days.
Would copy other manuals (Kinkos) or print out online stuff, use a 3 hole puncher & put a binder.
Then you can add pages OR pull em out as needed.
I also have about 30 catalog designs that I worked on in (Quark - Indesign)
If you need help putting together a manual… I would gladly help!


This would be great! Its nice to have the manual next to you while you are working with the instrument. I hate looking at manuals on my phone or having to go to my computer to check things. That being said a manual like that isn’t exactly cheap to print and considering the size of this company i think it would be fair to charge at least printing/ shipping fees rather than sending it out with each unit.

I have a beautiful Emulator II manual that i keep with me when programming and certainly is a luxury.


cool, no offense obviously :+1:

hi very crush, welcome to the crew

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