Major Hum/Buzz Issues [IN PROGRESS]


I am encountering some very annoying and very obtrusive issues with hum and buzz.

  1. Sample Input Hum

Any time I have the unit set to sampling mode, there is a very audible buzz when any cable is connected to inputs 1+2 in “sampler ready” mode. This buzz is there when I try different audio cables, the buzz is there when I try different power cables, the buzz is there when I try to plug the unit directly into the wall, the buzz is there when I try to feed the unit audio from my mixer.

The only two instances that the buzz seems to disappear from inputs 1+2 is when I plug an audio cable from the headphone port on my laptop into these inputs on the s2400. However, once I plug any USB device into any of the ports on the laptop, the buzz returns, very loudly. I can also plug this into an iPhone with a lightning-headphone adapter, and the sound is gone.

Input channels 3+4 are another story. A very vicious and enormously loud buzz blasts through the headphone jack when these inputs are selected for sampling, regardless as to whether there is any cable plugged into the jack. I’ve attached a video to show this happening.

In this clip, I am recording the audio with my iPhone as it is coming out of the headphone jack in sampling mode. The trim knob on the back is all the way down and nothing is plugged into the channel 3+4.

  1. Output Buzz

There is also a buzz coming out of the main output jacks when plugged directly into my mixer/interface. The s2400 and the mixer are both plugged into a rack mount power strip which is directly plugged into the wall. This hum is not present while listening to playback through the headphone jack.

I want to note that no other device in my studio experiences any sort of hum or buzz issue like this while plugged into the same power strip, and the same mixer/interface.

Needless to say, I cannot really use the s2400 in this state. Please help me troubleshoot this, unless this sounds like it may be some sort of hardware issue.

Much Appreciated.

Here is an additional video that shows the problem with the output. I have turned up the gain on the mixer considerably to amplify the sounds coming out of the s2400…as you can see, as I press different buttons and turn knobs the sound changes. It sounds almost like a modem??

I have this ame issue! There seems to be a point on the mix out volume where it kind of dissapears but It is pretty noticable and i cant figure out how to get rid of it.

Noticing the same issue here. Have you figured it out at all? Anyone else with similar issues?

I also had major hum issues on output for a while, figured out thanks to the forum that it was the analog filters on channel one and two. So check those and try turning them off if they’re on. Don’t have any idea for input sorry, mine samples pretty clean.