Live Looper Shift f7 ....nope. help!

Peace Isla fam!

Live Looper Shift f7 does nothing while in bank D. help!!

F4, not F7.

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I was literally shift F1-3 when I stopped to look at the screen! You are a great help! thank you. May the funk continue!
Peace @Mickey

Another useful one is Shift+0 for help :wink:

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Now lets do state that the tutorial on youtube says SHIFT +F7 so if it is F4 I must’ve missed the memo.
I could not find it in help menu when I looked. I was getting help based of what parameter I was in ex. Help for Pitch. I will continue to look around. Thanks again.

It is written as F7 in the User Manual

It it written as F4 in the User Manual

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and in the on-screen help


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