Harmonize Help with SHIFT+help shortcut?

So as a few users already did, I followed Alex tutorials to discover the machine. Then I saw and learnt about the Help function.

Depending on the submenu, pressing Help displays the Help function or not. On main screen 0 seems to have priority over help. When seeking help I changed the pattern number accidentally a lot of times which was a bit annoying.

So my suggestion is how about harmonizing the help shortcut to Shift+help?

On the machine, help is not inside the white square that symbolizes the Shift shortcut but for example Shift+help leads to the help menu on main screen. So why not making everything shift+help? It might help to avoid confusion.

Shift+Help always displays the help.

On screens with no numeric entry fields, Help and F-keys do not require Shift, but they always work with Shift.


Thank you. That’s what I realized after trying this shortcut in every possible mode. Lovely dogs btw :slight_smile:

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