Live Looper cutting off last bar in new firmware [FIXED]

Thanks to everyone who added info to this bug report. The key was that it only happened with external clock.
This is fixed in dev and will be in the upcoming bug-fix release.


I’ll make a new bugreport when I can reproduce the problem I had. My last loop was cut short and the s24 was sync master.


midi clock and and loopers……I only heard of one that could handle external midi clock, all the rest AFAIK are only stable being the boss of clock. And it makes sense that it is that way to my mind because clock jitter and midi trigger events is one thing but clock jitter and audio clock/sample accuracy is I imagine a complete other thing.

If the Isla team can sort out stable looping whilst clocking from external midi clock hats off to you all!!!

BTW many thanks to Vlad and yourself for the extra looping functions introduced in the last firmware they really do expand out the use cases for the S2400.

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