Input Monitoring through Mix out

It would be nice to be able to monitor input through the mix out instead of the 8 individual outputs or the headphone.

I have my 8 outs connected to separate mixer channels, each with some eq settings, reverbs, compressors etc., so monitoring the sample input through the mix out, would allow me to have a clean signal and actually hear what I’m sampling.



Sorry, that is not possible. The mix out is simply a hard-wired mix of the eight channel outs (unless a plug is inserted into a channel out jack, in which case it is mechanically removed from the mix out).


Well that is unfortunate!
I guess I will have to figure something out with an angled plug for the headphone jack…

But is there any way to set the default channels for sample playback during the initial editing right after sampling? It’s a little annoying, that the input monitoring goes through one set of channels and then the sample plays back through a different set of channels…

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Great suggestion. New samples now play on the same channel during editing as the sampling input monitor. The change will be in the next update.


Awesome! Thank you @Mickey