Incorrrect pitch when exiting step program


  • I get a sample on pad 5 with no multimode no slices, its pitch is on fine mode -6.50, when I press the pad I hear at the correct pitch
  • when I record in a pattern, I hear it as I played it during the recording phase and once I press rec/edit again to stop recording I hear the sample pitched down
  • when I try to place the trigger manually in step program: it works fine until I exit the step program mode.
    Processing: s2400-pitch-problem.mp4…

In both time: checking the trigger properties it seems to however shows the expected values.

This problem has appeared “suddenly” while working on a project.

here is a small video illustrating the problem if it helps

The .S24 file would also help to diagnose this. (don’t need the .kit or samples)

Here it is
Project003.S24 (12.7 KB)

I’m not sure you’ll find something because surprisingly earlier when I published this thread, I left the machine powered and went away, when I came back I pressed play again: the problem had gone by itself. I saved the project again since.

Thanks for the project file. It looks fine. I can’t seem to duplicate the issue. If you do figure out steps to duplicate it, please let us know.