Ignore 'extended ASCII' characters in folder names

Please ignore ‘extended ASCII’ in folder names, so folders with these characters can be explored. Now the 2400 gives a popup that is unreadable (see this).

Please skip them in building up the display name and make the folders accessible.

If this is not possible to do, then please change the character set to the bigger ‘extended ASCII’ set.

This might be quite a bit of development overhead to implement something that will add the ability to ignore filename chars. What if the filesystem is corrupt? How do we handle this?

It could be better to add support for the extended character set altogether. I am not sure if the drivers in NXP SDK support this but I would expect that they don’t.

This post is pure speculation, by the way

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Low priority for this one. Only invest time if it is simple to do the changes needed. Or if it is beneficial to other caverns of the 2400