Firmware Updates

Can y’all please make the firmware update page more readable. The scrolling of the dates seem to be off. I’ve always went to the very bottom for what seems to be the latest when downloading the updates but the dates to the right don’t seem to match. Also can you note it on the page that if the latest updates include all the previous updates? We shouldn’t have to read all the update sheets from the download just to know if it does or not. Some of us may not want all the updates and it’ll be included if it’s downloaded and input. It’s dope to just get any of the previous updates so not to get any of the ones after it. I’m just speaking for the people that may not want all the firmware added in case a certain work flow has been made.



Software release notes are always cumulative, and that’s kind of the whole point of releases. They describe what has changed since the previous release.


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C h r i s t

Update is hier yeeeeee



The scrolling of the dates isn’t off, it’s in American format so just reads differently.

Also, the most recent firmware update also states that it contains all of the previous fw updates, and from what I recall it always has.


Thank you