Filepicker is painfully slow when scrolling

Scrolling through large directories of large files is painfully slow, i.e. a folder of 1000 x 2-bar drum loops, or big directories of WAV files. As you scroll, it seems to load or do some processing on each scroll item, preventing you from traversing quickly.

To reproduce, scroll through a large folder of WAVs and you’ll see it’s painfully slow to get deeper in the directory with the per-item delay.

As a potential solution, if you are processing each list item, consider debouncing whatever processing is happening by 300ms or so, so quick scrolling can occur unencumbered, and only do that processing when scrolling slows.


There is a pause before previewing the sound. I can look at making that a bit longer.
Also, turning the encoder quickly scrolls a page at a time, so you can move through the list faster.

The rapid scrolling behavior to flip pages isn’t happening for me. Nor is an audio preview playing in the phones unless I click the encoder. Here’s a video:

I see in the video that it is not scrolling a page at a time. I am not sure why that is happening. Will do more testing.

Preview only happens automatically when you Assign Sound, not Browse Files. To play a sound while browsing files, press Enter or Encoder.

HA! I’ve read you explain the difference between assign and browse a hundred times. Why don’t you just enable preview in browse mode?

Sigh. Yeah, okay.


Ohhhh I see! Yeah, toggling that mode via an unused F key could help, with Assign defaulting to ON and Browse defaulting to OFF. But both should enable a faster scroll and page mode.


We managed to speed this up. Fix will be in next release.