Faderboard operations

I know this might be a lot to ask but since we’ve got 8 faders here I’d like to see a gate function, maybe somewhere in the multipitch/level business whereby you can assign a volume Curve and have the fader itself trigger the opening (gate) of the sample like on the vestax faderboard (i.e. without hitting the pad). It would seem pretty easy to setup the alternative major minor arabic blues and gypsy modes somewhere in the multipitch settings (where you’ve got semitones and aeolian etc) and assign fader 7/8 to do start/end points only letting them reverse automatically. You already have two pole fx, but could throw in a bevy of diff fx like delays and reverbs on the stacked knobs. I would like this unit to allow me to resell my vintage gear is what I’m saying. Thanks!


I would love more functionality with the faders… I still struggle to utilize them to the max of their ability.
Its such a great machine… I’m just hoping the os catches up a bit… And that my own creativity goes to work in the meantime.

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