Emu eIV/e6400 filters

So, in a thread ages back (sorry if this has been suggested already) that included DnB legends Optical, Dom and Roland looking for ITB replacements, only to end in disappointment when Andy from Cytomic decided it was beneath him to integrate into the Drop, we got to discover that the revered emu EOS filters were just DF1 biquads. Summat about Armadillo encoding also- maths. Hurty brain.
I bought one of the last manufacture of sp1200s in 97, and talk even then was “if only the 2400 came along with bits of the eIV engine/time”
Turns out most DnB heads only used high pass and low pass and not the morphing Zplane stuff - it would be a ridiculous coup to implement classic “df1 biquad” thus dodging Rossum’s patent?
Here’s the thread which contains more or less the recipe.