Deleting Projects and Kits natively- SOLVED

Ive read the manual but it seems there is no option too delete projects or kits. Unless im wrong which i maybe. The only way to do it is to go into MSC mode and delete manually from the computer. If it is so could this be a feature request and it helps on time.

Many thanks and great job.

I was just thinking about this the other day as I’ve been filling up an SD card since January with a ton of throwout/ test project files it might be nice to be able to delete stuff natively. I moved this thread over to feature requests.

it’s a fair request, although using msc i can delete 1000 at once if i desire - super convenient for me and especially the amount of junk projects i make when messing around.

yeah same here, i almost always have mine hooked into laptop but for those times you want a quick delete (granted it doesn’t take a lot of coding time to implement) might be nice

Select Browse Files from the File Menu. Scroll the cursor to the kit or project directory you want to delete. Press F3.


nice one, i was happy using msc and will continue to do so, i have to be honest i had absolutely no idea about this - cheers mickey

i felt it was in there somewhere. Cheers Mickey

i changed the title to suit the resolution Peter, of course you can delete the thread or leave it for others

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Thanks. No i think it still stands as it not obvious as we have shown.

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