Convert files with Reaper (44.1→48kHz)

I was looking for a software to convert files and finally realized it’s possible to do it in Reaper so I’m sharing it here. I’ve just converted a lot of drum files successfully.

It’s possible to add the content of folders, rename files, change the sample rate and so on. I haven’t done it but it also seems possible to convert files that are inside a Reaper project and add FX before converting.

Here is a screenshot of the interface. (Control+Shift+F inside Reaper)

So for Reaper users who never noticed this batch converter before it is a very good tool :slight_smile:
And for people who search a converter but don’t know what to chose you can try Reaper. It is a very good DAW by the way. There is nothing to lose :wink:

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Interesting how the backslash character localizes in Japanese- does every localize-able application do it that way?

Not sure about every application but even Windows explorer works with the ¥ symbol when typing a path.

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I would be curious to hear your opinion if the converted file in reaper sounds differently than letting the s2400 doing the work ?:thinking:

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Good question indeed.
I converted my favorite drum folders to “forget” about it. So I don’t have to do an A/B comparison or search for a reason in case something weird happen. I suppose I will save time in the end.