Batch convert samples & maintain folder structure. Is it possible?

Hey everyone,

Up until now I have been manually converting all my samples folder by folder. This has been fine for my 10 most used sample packs, however it would be ridiculous to do my entire collection like this.

Does anyone know a way to convert samples and maintain folder structure? So samples in ‘Sample Pack>Drums>Kicks’ go back into ‘Sample Pack>Drums>Kicks’ or a new destination with the same 3 folders.

I found a freeware program called Pazera AudioExtractor which has an option to import a .dirlist file, however I’m not savvy enough to know if a directory list would help, or how to make a .dirlist file.


The only thing that I know works is izotope rx batch processer…and it works like a dream… Drag in a folder… Set what you want it converted to and file path and boom!
Best of luck with it!

I’m assuming you mean converting to 16 bit 48k WAV on the PC?

If so, there is a program called Goldwave, which is excellent, and has a free trial. I only use it for batch conversion and my free trial has never run out using only this feature. The trial is based on usage and I guess batch conversion doesn’t count towards it :slight_smile:

You can convert to almost any format you could dream of (including Amiga, which is why I ended up finding it), also lets you choose bit rate and bandwidth and it has a lot of options for saving etc too.

HIGHLY recommend.