Concentric pots, how to tighten

7 and 8 are now wobbly, not noticed it before today so it must be new, all the others are sound

i had to tighten mix and main before but that was easy as visible screws

how to achieve on concentric? any ideas as i see no screws


You can remove the knobs and you will see the nut at the bottom once you have done so. You may be able to pop the top knob off by hand (and then the bottom is easy to remove the same way) but if you can’t use a set of pliers and a soft cloth to avoid damaging the knob. Don’t grip the knob too tightly though as you don’t want to pull the top knob’s spline out of the potentiometer itself. You’ll need a 10mm socket to tighten the nut once the knobs are out of the way.


cheers bud, so just to be sure

i pull the top part 1st and then the bottom?


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