Clipping via USB audio?

On OSX running audio via usb into ableton I noticed that if a mixer fader is all the way at the top (and sometimes even if not) some tracks are read by ableton as clipping (in the red).

Does this amount to digital clipping? This has been happening to me regularly and I have been in the habit of just turning the mixer faders down for the culprit tracks to get the red to go away (red is scary).

Curious if this is expected or not…

I noticed the same thing but the audio seems fine… Honestly not sure what’s up with it.

Usually what I do is add a preamp plugin (usually the Waves Neve 73 one) and set outputs from there to get rid of the scary red (plus that plugin just sounds great).

My concern with that is if it is digitally clipping adjusting the input gain after that would not help I do not think…

You’re correct. But that said, I’m not sure it’s actuality clipping. It sounds fine, and ultimately the rule is “if it sounds good, it is.”

I only get it on the main mix bus. Individual outs are good green. Might just be a math thing, but I don’t hear a difference really.

Got it - I get it on individual channels which is what confuses me.

I dont use the mixbus output anyhow since I use USB to track individual tracks.

Me too. I usually use the main USB mix bus unless I want to individually effect a drum.

Sorry to keep bumping this up but is this supposed to happen?

I would like to know as well as a future owner.

Yep, I got that too. I just record every sound with the fader at like 80% and mix in the DAW.

Better to have the default signal too hot than too quiet I suppose.

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Edit: not an audio engineer, don’t want to steer anyone the wrong way