Bug caused by transpose? in Step program

Don’t ask me what I was trying to do at first :grin: but here is a reproducible step by step :

(I suppose a lot of steps are useless but I managed to reproduce it like this just after it has appeared once so sharing while it’s hot)

  1. Power on
  2. Load Alex Ball Budget Digital kit
  3. Shift+A6
  4. Resample pitch like 33@45
  5. Set transpose to -5.37
  6. Press back to go to pattern mode
  7. Press Level then Multi Mode
  8. Record 4 bars alternating between A6 and A7 for example
  9. Press Step Program on the fly after recording in the previous step
  10. Press F9
  11. Press the encoder a lot of times in a row like in the video below
    →pitch goes down -5, -11 and -16


Does the same thing happen when using Enter to tab? Because, it looks like while you are pressing the encoder, you are also accidentally turning it a bit.

Indeed there is a very slight drift sometimes when using the encoder but I “managed” to get the same result with less steps with the Enter Key and without pressing it like a dummy.

In fact letting the sequencer loop and go back to the pitch column to refresh it leads to the same result.

→It loops and it seems that each turn it’s down -5 in the following conditions:

  1. Power on
  2. Load Alex Ball Budget Digital kit
  3. Shift +A6
  4. Transpose to -5.37
  5. Back
  6. Step program
  7. Press A6 to record it on the first beat
  8. Press Run/Stop so that the sequencer loops
  9. Press Enter
  10. Wait and hear
  11. Repress enter to go to the pitch column to see the value changed

On mine, I am multimode slicing a drum break on Pad A, and using multi mode sync to alter the pitch, filter, and level settings of each chop. Everything works fine until I go into step edit mode, click on a step with the encoder, and try to alter the pitch of a step.
Using the encoder, it will only let me do Pitch settings of +31, or -15.
I can however alter the pitch of a step manually when in the main step edit window, just by scrolling to a step, adjusting the pitch of the chop with its corresponding slider, and hitting the pad.