Auto-Repeat Set to "On" During Tempo Setting

It would be great if the Auto-Repeat was set to “On” when the tempo button is pressed. This would allow the user to rhythmically hear the tempo changes to find the right feel by just holding a drum pad down. It should automatically turn off once the tempo is set.

Shift+tap repeat !!

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Sorry if I wasn’t clear with my request. I love the shift-Repeat lock. What I’m referring to is how that function is disabled when the Tempo button is pressed, in order for the tap tempo to be able to work. My request is that the Repeat On lock be set when the Tempo button is pushed, so that the tempo changes can be heard while holding down a drum trigger.

I see what you mean and I quess that could be handy for some scenarios. But I wouldn’t want that to be default behavior. Then you could not play the pads as usual if you’re having the tempo field selected.

Or you mean that just if the repeat button is on it stays on when entering a new tempo?

A method I sometimes use that could be a workaround is to just record the hits quantized in the sequencer (with mixer volume set to 0 so I don’t get distracted from the pad playing out of time), or just put them in in step program. Then play the pattern and adjust the tempo until it matches the tempo of the sample.

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Yeah, I’m thinking just when entering a new tempo, because we lose the repeat function at that time. Would be cool to have as an option👍

It seems unnecessary - if you’re starting a new track, just tap in the tempo you’re feeling, if you have something existing on the go just adjust the tempo while it’s playing. If you really need it to work that exact way, you could make a little 1 bar scratch track of hihats or whatever and use that to set your tempo as @Melkerpetterson suggested.