Ability to change channel without having to push the encoder each time to validate

In the following screen, it would be nice if the channel can be changed on the fly while repressing a pad without having to push the encoder each time.

What I was trying to do is turn all the analog filters on and switch from one channel to the other on the fly to try to hear a difference. Which doesn’t seem possible if the encoder is not pushed again to validate the channel change.

Generally speaking, less encoder push actions are welcome imo :slight_smile: Especially for my half dying one.


Need it !!

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It is a single digit numeric field. Just put your cursor over it and press a number.


As an aside, you don’t ever have to press the encoder if you don’t want to.
Enter = Encoder Press


Omfg ! Yees u right hahaha

Thanks. I will push 1 - 6 buttons next time.
Just need to remember and change habits a little bit :slight_smile: