TR mode light

Would love it if the TR light (the one that moves across the mute and solo buttons in TR mode) could be used in normal mode?

As it passes one bar, mayb a red light could land on button one, indicating your on bar 1.
Then as your on bar 2, a red light could land on button 2… And so on…

Just so you know what bar and where you are in the beat.

I hope this makes sense, I’m dislexic.

Thank you kindly

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I get it. This kinda happens on the TR8S in pattern select mode, as well as the 8 variation buttons flashing when playing. But the 8S doesn’t have a song mode so those cues are needed for performance.

However those LEDs are already designated mutes and solos, so not sure how that would work. Track buttons A & B might be better.

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Didn’t think of that…

That would look funky as hell
while playing also…

Kinda like knight rider lol…