Step program/ shift / undo doesn't work the first time, graphic glitch in help screen [FIXED]

Merry christmas to all :slight_smile:
Thanks for the firmware update. Just tried the new functions a few minutes.

Like said in the title it seems that under certain circumstances undo doesn’t work after shifting stuff. Besides, there is a graphic glitch in the help screen when the selection is blinking.

It might be related to an old bug. I remember in the past writing a report that sometimes undo doesn’t work the first time it’s done.

Anyway, like in the video below.
1- Load a project
2- Go to step program
3- Make the selection from the first bar
4- shift stuff anywhere
5- Undo and undo

It’s not reverted at the original position.

By the way it would be nice that if you would consider adding a one-hand shortcut for undo.


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Thanks for the bug report. Fixed in dev.