S2400 Factory Content Expansion Pack #2 - Grant Nelson

Super Excited to announce our 2nd expansion pack for the S2400.
This one is chock full of 90s House & Garage flavours from none other than one of my heros
Grant Nelson.
He’s had plenty of money out of me over the years, since I have so many of his records in my vinyl collection. His labels, Nice n Ripe, and Swing City records consistently release absolute bangers.
So of course I’m super chuffed that he’s created this belter of a pack for us.
Big love to the main man <3
Grant Nelson Instagram:

Also, check out more of his packs available on Traxsouce:

As before, just unzip this folder to your SD card and off you go!


wooop, lets be avin ya then !

nice 1 Brad and Grant, nice to see some love other than hip to the hop hehe :rofl:

Any vids of Grant using his, would love to see, couldn’t see any on IG…

Thanks so much Grant! :four_leaf_clover:

Hey @bradholland think the links are pointing to the wrong files for some of these -eg link on this one is for factory expansion 3

The files are correct, it’s just the labelling that is confusing :slight_smile:


woah how did i only just find this - amazing. I already purchased his Studio Essentials 2 and 4 which are must haves. Love that OG House & Garage vibe of the 90’s - best era!! :heart_eyes: