Remove the need to back out of pages to navigate

Not really a big deal here, but I feel like if I’m in any given window, and say I then press shift+settings, or shift+file for example, it should take me there without having to back out of the window I’m currently in, sometimes by multiple back presses.

If I’m in “edit step params” for example I have to hit back before navigating anywhere else on the machine, same in the sampling window, and quite a few others. And this behaviour isn’t totally universal either.

Would it bug anyone if navigation was instant? And is this easily implemented?

Like I say not a huge deal but would speed things up a lot.


This could definitely speed up the work flow. On the other hand, requiring you to back out first could help prevent inadvertently switching windows and losing any data you are currently editing- something to consider if anyone is a klutz like me.

You already have to press shift, hardly like you’re gonna slip up and press 2 buttons by accident. Worst that would happen is you’d lose a sample and have to re-record it, but if you haven’t saved it yet, it would ask if you’re sure you want to exit without saving anyway I think. I’m clumsy too, but pretty sure this would be fine. :+1:

There’s just a fair amount of extra button presses required that I think could be trimmed a touch at the moment in general, so mentioning where I think some could be shaved off. I also feel like anything that CAN be 1 button press shouldn’t be 2 like for example erasing a note with just the pad, without holding erase would be nice imo. But this is already being discussed elsewhere… it’s so easy to get off topic, sorry lol.

This would be nice!