Recording Pan changes

Hi all and Isla team.
Thanks for this amazing machine. It’s sooooo good. I have it now 5 days and can’t get enough of it. One feature i have in request, sorry if this is already requested by another user, but, as the title implies, i would love to record paning changes into the sequencer. Would be awesome having cycling hi hats or a background noises.

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:
Wish you all the best,


A request for a Pan effect or a request to be able to do real time pan change with the knob on the top of the fader instead of the filter cutoff or resonance could be something nice yeah :slight_smile:


I love pan-changes and ping-pong effects too. I usually use my fx racks for that (routed from Mackie mixer).

This would be great. Recording real time panning changes would be useful if you have a pattern with a lot of level changes also being recorded.

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