Quick RD-9 Set

Just got this in the mail today, so thought I would share a few sounds…

Sampled through the 2400 of course…


How do you like it?

The Snare sounds like a cowbell in some tunings, but you can kind of cover it with snappy. I like the extended kick tuning, can get a lot(but not all) of similar sounds out of it that I got out of my XBase888. Never really liked the 909 toms or cymbals, but they sound like a 909 to me. The main issue I have is when the clap and the snare play together. It completely smears the clap sound and sounds like heavy flanging which to me sounds bad. That said, I will probably use its samples in the 2400 most of the time so it was a 300 dollar sample library.


That ride :heart: