Multi level or pitch on s950 with s2400?

Can we use the multi pitch or multi level of the s2400 to sequence the s950? Thank

You should certainly be able to control the S950 with the S2400. I don’t have an S950 but I have an S1000 and… honestly you are probably best off diving into the S950 manual or YouTube videos on how to use midi with it. Basically you will need to connect the MIDI out on the S2400 to the MIDI in on the S950. Then you can use the S2400 as a midi controller to control the S950. You will need to use one of the MIDI banks on the S2400 to do this. Diving into the manuals of the two machines should get you up and running pretty quickly though.

This is a masterpiece whether its helpful or not. But it should be.

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Hello, thank you but for all that I had no problem, re-read my question! I’m just looking for the solution to control the pitch and level of the s950 samples from the s2400, but I think that’s not possible according to my research on the sp1200 s950 combo.

My bad if I misunderstood what you were asking. To control the pitch and volume of the S950, when you are in the MIDI bank of the S2400, set it to Multimode → Pitch. This will allow you to set the S2400’s 8 pads to play 8 different pitches across MIDI. To control volume, you will need to set velocity to increase volume. In the S1000, this is a control in the ENV1 menu. Not sure exactly where that is in the S950 but it is a basic function for a rack sampler and should be there.

I ve renamed the title of your topic to make it more detailed. Hope you don’t see any problems with that :slight_smile:

@ [TARO1001FEUY] I use to have the S950 and I don’t think it is possible on what your’e trying do. I think it’s all done on the S950 settings only.

Unfortunately the multi mode does not work, hence my request… Thanks

Noproblemo haha

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Thank you for the confirmation, too bad, we will do without it but it would have been great!

I refuse to believe that you can’t control sample pitch via MIDI on the s950. Unless I am misunderstanding the question. That’s what these rack samplers were built to do!

Maybe if you describe your setup and exactly how you are trying to do it, we can help you troubleshoot.

I have an S950 and SP2400. I can try noodling around and see if there isn’t some link.

Although, I do know that there are some asinine missing features like the ability to control filter cutoff through MIDI, that were not originally conceived on the s950 implementation. So do not rule out the possibility that it might not be able to do the thing you want.


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Its been a while since ive attempted this test. I’d Midi the SP 1200 and S950 together and i would try to lower the sample from the s950 on the SP pitch and volume and it wouldn’t. I know forsure the low pass filter only works on the S95 as well. If you use a Keyboard midi up to the S95 and you record a sample you then have the whole keybed to play different pitches on the keyboard. If you were trying to get louder or quiter with sound im pretty sure you would have to record higher or softer.

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I haven’t watched it but thought it could help.

No lol

This should totally be possible, although haven’t tried it, since I haven’t tried sequencing any midi gear with the 2400 yet. I have however made many many tunes using the MPC2K to sequence the 950.

Providing the 2400 can send note info and velocity via midi, it can. Which I mean, it has to right? lol

First thing that’s worth noting, is that the 950 is set up slightly different to any more modern AKAI stuff, even like the s2k etc. There is only one program in the 950, and instead of having multiple programs, they’re called keygroups in the 950. This hurt my brain at first lol.

To be able to play the pitch of a sample you have to assign it to a keygroup and then give it a note range. You can have multiple samples in the same keygroup too, and you split them up however you like across the keys with the range settings.

Velocity is used to control the volume, again I think you have to manually enable this to work iirc. Fun fact, you can also set it so the velocity changes the filter cutoff instead of the volume, I can’t remember off the top how to do it though, as it’s been a while.

Hope this helps at all? haha

I was just wondering if the pitch and the volume of the samples of the s950 can be adjusted with the pitch and level buttons of the s2400 (multi level and multi pitch), otherwise no problem to sequence the s950 with the 2400, thank you

If you sample the s95 into the s2400 its 100% doable as you probably know already. Let us know im curious to how that even sounds, ive had some trouble with some other old samplers sampilng into the s2400 with the sound quality being distorted and glitchy but you would think it would sound nice with it being a 12 bit sampler too. But midi idk your gonna have to try it n see

Unless I am completely misunderstanding the question doesn’t this from the manual indicate it’s fully possible?

  • Pitched: The pad sends out MIDI note on/off messages. The pitch and velocity of the messages is set in level and pitch fader mode, just like sample tracks.

I may be doing the same when my s2400 arrives so the OP’s question tweaked the interest.

Sorry just re-read the original post….my bad.

Multi mode for midi! Yes that would be very handy and if they don’t have it implemented yet perhaps it would make a not too far fetched feature request.

Please update if you try it out and have success. Going by the current manual it seems it’s not possible….yet.