Metronome Bleeds to Main Outs When Set to Headphones

The title says most of it - this problem is SUPER frustrating. The metronome signal bleeds to the main outs when set to headphones - but only when a cable is inserted into the headphone jack in the front. This is making the S2400 almost impossible to integrate into a live band setting, because when sending the drummer click the main outs get a metronome signal as well.
Is this a hardware problem or a software/firmware problem? It is true on all projects, at all times.


@avery.moss.magic could you upload a video with audio showing the issue. We’re checking our own units and so far 3 of us do not have this issue. Also what interface/mixer are you using? And are you running the metronome directly to the drummer or are you running it through a mixer? The reason I’m asking is because crosstalk is a known issue. It’s caused by signal from one channel (such as on a mixing console) bleeding into adjacent channels. And typically it is the playback system you’re using (cables, mixer, or whatever you’re hooked up to) causing the crosstalk.

Do you have a cable from the headphone out going into the same mixer/interface as the channel outs?

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The headphones out is just going into the headphones themselves, no mixer in between - the main outs are routed to the mixer. I’m not certain if you are saying there is cross talk in between the channels of the ISLA or my mixer (an SSL SiX) but I feel pretty confident it’s not the mixer.

Also - interestingly - the metronome bleed in the main outs (when the click is set to headphones) ONLY begins when any headphones are inserted into the headphones port. Not sure if that’s significant, but it’s certainly weird.

I was saying that crosstalk on click tracks and other outs on mixers is a known issue. The internet is riddled with audio folks dealing with that particular problem so I was trying to find out what your set up is like so that possibility could be eliminated. Can you trying taking the mixer out of the picture and see if the problem is still there?

ETA nevermind. I turned up the headphone out to 100% volume and it was detectible until I put the headphone volume down to about 40% of max.

Yeah, this is consistent with my behavior. This is true whether there is my SSL SiX at the end of the chain, my UAD interface, or even direct into a pair of QSC K12.2 PA speakers. It’s just…bleeding like crazy, internally.

Is there a way to run the headphone out into the SSL and back out the cue stereo 1? That way the signal boost is coming from SSL and not the S2400? I don’t if that could be a work around.

That would essentially screw up my effects sends and other stuff, because I am using all the stereo cues in my setup already. However, I might try my self-contained Mackie headphone mixer…either way, though, is there any hardware or firmware fix for this? It feels like a notable bug/flaw, because I can’t imagine I am the only person who wants to send click out of the heaphone outs and not the mains, in a live setting.

@av500 is the only one who can address this if it’s possible. I’m 99% certain this is not something that can be coded around.

not sure what I can do in SW. I am sure that when click is sent to HP out it is not going into the CH1-8 mix out…

send a 180 out of phase metronome to CH1-8 out :smiley:

in case my attempt at humor fell flat here I was not serious about that.

and connect a USB webcam to the S2400 to see the exact headphone level setting? sure :slight_smile:

If not software/firmware…is there anything we can do for it in hardware?

Just bumping this thread - still curious if there is a hardware fix?