Latency when pressing the pads while in "Track Settings" [RESOLVED]

I have to press the pads a couple of times until it “catches up”, but then it happens again when switching tracks while changing settings.

Started happening since the 3-10-2023 update, still happening after the 4-28-2023 update.

I actually like how it works now. The first time a new pad is pressed, the Track settings are selected without playing the sound. But when you are already in the corresponding Track settings view, you can audition the sound by pressing the pad.

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Hmm…ok. Then I wonder if it’s really a bug or an actual feature change.

It is an intentional feature.

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Aiight. Just need to get used to it. :+1:

I can see both implementations being preferred (sound on select / silent on select) - is it possible to set the behavior as a global option?