First song on the S2400 - submission for @skibeatz Smack Pack Challenge

This is my first go using song mode on the 2400. Made as a submission to @skibeatz Smack Pack Vol 6 challenge…all you hip-hip heads and beatmakers get in on it! At the very least the sample packs are amazing. Also I’m @jr.gz on IG - gimme a follow!

Pretty straightforward use of song mode, but just playing with it the creative possibilities are endless. I’m certainly going to refine this beat further after I finish my second submission.

Also FWIW, @skibeatz is doing phenomenal things with his platform and beat challenges on IG. Giving producers of all skill level a platform and exposure to some of the best producers out there, other artists, a real community - so thank you @skibeatz . I’m proud to be a part of your Dojo and in the S2400 community with you. I made a new IG when I got my 2400, wanted to start fresh for a takeoff - for anyone interested in following and supporting, follow me @jr.gz !!!


Dope juniorg! I havent been on any facebook owned social media for my own arbitrary reasons, so I miss out on stuff like this.

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Dope track. Well done :+1:

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Thanks homie!!! And I hear you on that my friend…Facebook is becoming a very ‘special’ place. I made the IG strictly to promote my music and follow other musicians/ 2400 users, and just made that YouTube page yesterday lol.

I’m being sucked in while also pulled away!!!

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Thanks homie, much appreciated!!!