Exponential env curves, 'alternating' loop mode, 256 non triplet

exponential curves especially for decay. could just be a well selected preset curve, wouldn’t have to be tuneable.

alternating (forward back) mode for sample looping.

256 (non triplet) quantizing setting… hoping this would be a good setting to emulate the ‘quantize off’ setting in the sp1200. where quantizing is off but it still sortof puts things where you want if you timing is good.

Please create one post per feature request. It make it so much easier to track. It also allows for other users to comment on a single topic.

Oh, and some notes:

The envelope curves are already exponential. They are just drawn linearly for visual clarity.

Alternating (and reverse) looping has already been requested.

256th note quantization is not possible. With a 96 PPQN clock, a quarter note is 96 clock ticks, an eight note is 48 clock ticks, and so on, down to a 128th note being 3 ticks, 128t being 2 ticks, and 256t being 1 tick. A 256th note would be 1.5 ticks, and that is not possible.

ok noted! thanks