Easiest way to delete loop slice after multimode recording?

what’s the easiest way to delete a single loopslice after recording a sequence in multimode ? I assumed I would be able to press erase then hit the pad in question while in multimode, sadly that doesn’t do it.

of course I can exit multimode and delete the entire sequence, but that kind of defeats the point of trying to fix the one slice that’s not doing it for me. I’m not very good at using the grid editor, so hoping there’s an easier way to do this. thanks in advance

Two quick ways I use…

  1. Go into multimode and hold down erase + the individual slice and wait for the pattern to pass over.


  1. Go to that particular moment in the Step Editor, hold erase and press the pad where the sample lives. Make sure that the step edit cursor is over that point and that the pad is lit up on the side of the screen, indicating that you on that event in question.
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thanks, going to try method 1. I always make mistakes in the step editor, so I end up avoiding it.

Hahaha. Step Editor can be like a minefield at first but I promise it’s a godsend when you get used to it. Make a simple drum pattern that you don’t care about and then use it to practice in the Step Editor.

I’ll get round too it eventually. :slight_smile:

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