Driver required for USB MIDI on Windows 10?

On Windows, is a driver required for MIDI on the Kordbot, or only for updating firmware?


Is anyone able to answer this? It is more than a curiosity question for me – I have too many MIDI USB drivers on my system as it is, some of which demand to be in the topmost few ones found, and various registry hacks that go with keeping it all working. Because of this, buying a non-class compliant device is a real gamble for me, and unfortunately if I cannot find a definitive answer to this question I will more than likely need to cancel my order for the Kordbot.

If only updating the firmware requires a driver, that’s fine, I can do that on a separate machine. But if I am unable to conclusively determine that its not required for transmitting MIDI notes to the DAW, its a no go for me.

Thank you

Kordbot is MIDI Class Compliant, no driver needed for that.

The driver on the Downloads page is purely for people updating OS from older versions. If you buy a new Kordbot, you won’t ever need it as new units come with the latest firmware which will never need a driver to update.

Thank you for the answer. Unfortunately I was in a position where I needed to make a timely decision, thus I already cancelled my order before seeing your response. I am, however, glad to hear about the class compliance – and will definitely take this into consideration if I should ever revisit the idea of owning a Kordbot.