Deactivate sample information in track settings while the sequencer is running

Not totally sure if it’s expected behavior or a bug but when the sequencer is running, going to the sample information field makes the sequencer lag. I suppose it’s because the frequency is calculated.

So for example if this feature could be deactivated when the sequencer is running, it could prevent sequencer lag from happening.
It could be helpful for example in a live context, if someone go over that field accidentally.

Generally speaking, I think that sequencer lag should be avoided. :slight_smile:


I found the following on page 54 of the manual referring to the track info accordion. Seems to be normal behavior:

“Note that pitch detection takes about ½ second the first time it is run for a track. That can cause a hiccough in sample playback. So, it is inadvisable to expand the track info accordion during a performance.”