Chaz Emphatic - The 2400 Tape

Not mine obviously but loved when Chaz put this out end of last year, and just came across it again this morning and still love it. First full body of work on the S2400 that I’ve heard anyway, and dude put it out 12/20…wasn’t about to wait for anyone else to get warm on the 2400 haha.

Love Chaz’s stuff, my favorite track on this is Hardest Out or WC4L …the female vocal sample on this one sounds so cool with the aliasing, sooo textured. Give it a listen, it’s chalk full of crunchy, crispity, crackily, boomy, bappy S2400 goodness. Awesome samples all around, I like his vocals chops, super lofi and textured. Pretty sure Chaz is in here somewhere…dope work homie!


I got his latest on vinyl- postcard. Also worth a listen…

There is also a PDF included with a description and a link to samples and kits :heart_eyes:

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