Biggie & Ahmad "Things Done Changed / Back In The Day" (DnB Bootleg Remix)

Hi Peeps,

Just wanted to share a new remix I recently released on bandcamp. It’s free to download for anyone that’s interested. Hope you enjoy it and any thoughts/input much appreciated. Thanks!


Bro, your skills are legend. this is legit. super clean and smooth. I would love to see a vid on your skills


Wow I don’t know what to say, thank you so much! Seriously <3

I’ve been making music almost 25 years, that’s probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said about a tune I’ve made.

I don’t have any special process when making tracks, but I normally sketch stuff out in Maschine and mix/master in Cubase. I don’t typically use a lot of samples as I tend to write the majority of the music myself. For this track I used a JV1010 and Motif Rack for the layered strings, NI Session Bassist for the bass, UVI Falcon for the plucked guitar, and a sawtooth osc with portamento for the synth glide. The drum break was a simple loop I frankensteined together from some break libraries I have.

When mixing I keep things simple, just basic eq, pan and compression. My track count is usually pretty small anywhere between 8 to 16 tracks all together, just so I can have some space to let things breathe a bit.

I’m pretty basic with what I do, mostly trying to catch a vibe and keep things simple. Not sure if youre familiar with El-B, but he’s been a big influence on me over the years. He’s got a great process walk through video online, it’s pretty much the exact same way I work:

Thanks again for the kind words, really appreciate. Much love! - J

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Forgot to mention I have a youtube channel where I post vids of stuff I work on from time to time:

Nice track mate, I like the vibe.

I’m a big fan of El-B, the stuff Groove Chronicles put out in the early days of UKG was amazing, soundtrack of my youth. Shattered is one of my all time favourites, and Angel Body - what a sublime track.


Oh shit Project95! Love the stuff youre posting on yt with the S2400, I just followed you bandcamp as well. :heart:

Yeah El-B is a badman. Such an inspirational producer, I treat that CM interview like gospel.

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Thanks man appreciate it. Great insight I’m bookmarking it. You’ve led me down a Computer Music rabbit hole :rofl: I’m watching Alix Perez now another great tutorial.

Loved what El-B said about keeping it simple, the best tracks don’t necessarily need many elements just a vibe. So true. Make the most of the gear you own. I need to hear that to keep the GAS at bay :rofl:

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Oh I hear ya on the gear… I went crazy over the pandemic and started buying up all the stuff I used in my studio back in the day. Nostalgia is a helluva drug haha

Yeah those tutorial vids will get ya :laughing:

Here’s a couple more I keep bookmarked:

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Absolutely loving the vibe on this, just wish the vocals were in time. I’d rinse it out if they were.

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Yeah his vocals were a challenge. Biggie’s cadence is pretty syncopated and relaxed, especially on the original. Flows great over boom bap, but over d&b they’re tricky to get them to fit right. I tried chopping up the acapella, even down to syllables in some parts but it threw the flow off and ended up sounding worse. The vocals are swingy on the original as well, which I think it gives the track a bit of character, so I just decided to leave it as is.

I feel that. A trick I do sometimes is to line the full version of the hiphop track up so the beats match, and then line the accapella up with the full version, and then mute the full version. But sometimes it still sounds off.

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Same. It was just one of the tracks, although I’m kinda hoping some crazy AI tool comes out soon where I can ask it to align it for me and not make it sound off, that would be sick lol

Where you get to choose the cadence of a different rapper to apply, What a time to be alive!

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