Audio drop outs when sweeping resonance pot

Issue experienced with sequencer running. Pressed shift + B (filter settings) and selected Band Pass (on D6). Then rotated the resonance potentiometer for the selected channel back and forth. After a short period of time the audio from some of the other channels will randomly and momentarilly drop out during playback. A side effect of this is that if you then stop the sequencer and press shift followed by one of the pads (track settings), the first beat of the pattern which was playing will sound. Its almost as if the missing audio has been shoved in a buffer somewhere and released when you hit a pad. I will try to upload a video (or link to a video) of this behaviour.
NOTE1: This does not happen if you play back the pattern and rotate the filter resonance after exiting the Filter Settings page and stay in Pattern mode but It does happen if play back the track and rotate the resonance pot when in one of the other settings windows.


Link to video of audio drop out is below.

Starts with demonstration of no drop out occurring when in Pattern Mode. Switch to Filter Settings mode and drop out occurs during resonance sweeping after filter type had been set. Then after the sequencer has stopped, audio is played when selecting a pad in Track Settings…

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Thanks for the bug report. It is a weird one. I have been able to duplicate the issue, but don’t yet know what is causing it.


I have experienced this bug as well. I also noticed that when I click the A or B button sometimes the Sound assigned to the pad won’t play but when I turn off the A or B button it plays like normal.

i have also encountered this … honestly tho, and may sound strange to say, but i kinda like it… sounds almost like im muting a few channels during the sweep to highlight the filter movement…and then everything comes back…and happens randomly…
if you guys figure out where the problem is, can you leave it as an option to turn it into a feature? for example, when set to on, there would be a random probability channel drop out when making fast filter moves… should we move this over to the feature request section ? :wink:

Also noticed this one. Most noticeable when playing a sample that’s the entire length of the pattern.