Any Beat Junkies record pool members?

Dunno if anyone is looking for a record pool membership, but Ive been a beat junkie record pool member for about 6 months. Lots of remix/hard to find cuts available for download for what is totally reasonable dough. Check it out if you havent yet. Im not an affiliate or trying to do anything except promote something I pay for and use so no shilling here, just a fan.


Sounds dope! I’ll check it out

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How do you sign up for it @StupidAmericanPig? And is price based on membership or what you download?

Hey @iofflight there are 3 tiers:
starter is monthly- $35/month
plus is quarterly- $90/quarter
pro is yearly - $360/year

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I am. I hardly use it since they changed their GUI and download interface. I get more use using large monitor because the center box is to small for my laptop monitor. Thinking about ending my subscription after this month. I don’t DJ as much although I do have a Twitch stream with some followers. I also have more fun playing records in my vinyl collection than using DVS. But, one of the reasons for buying the S2400 is in the hopes a future firmware incorporate DVS. I can see bank D or E being used as a faderless mixer. Brad is a fan of rotary mixers from a post I saw earlier in this forum.
One way the S2400 could be used is as a midi mixer. And I could use a portable fader using the outputs in between audio for faders as a possible work around.

Here is a question.
How do you cancel or pause BJ RP membership?
I can’t find a menu option for this. I’ll have to email them.

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