Access Waveform Editor for any sample

So I left Waveform Editor moving away from a freshly sampled, unassigned sound that I was doing multiple chops on. I later decided on additional chops but realized that I could not re-open a sample that has not been assigned to a pad in Waveform Editor.

It would be nice to access any sample in a project without needing to assign it to a pad. Multiple chops eat up pad real estate quickly.


A waveform editor WITH basic editing features would be HUGELY appreciated. Adding these features to the current waveform editing modes would also be nice of course.

I still constantly find it frustrating not having copy/cut/paste/truncate and some of the other basics. Being able to normalize/alter the level of a selection of a sample is something I’ve found pretty vital and lacking. Being able to highlight a selection and fade in/out would be nice too.

Some other things that would not only be useful but super creative on the copy/paste front, would be things like “mix-paste” (layering a sample over a sample from a chosen start point) for example. So you make a selection of a sample, copy, then select another sample, find a start point, paste>mix-paste>choose % of A&B. “Insert” and “replace” would also be useful, with insert obviously inserting the copied audio at the selected point for the duration of the copied audio, and moving the rest forward. Replace, replaces from the selected point forwards for the duration of the copied audio.

Being able to copy and amend to another sample in general would be very useful, and would technically be covered by the above. However, this could be implemented when loading a sample too. So for example, you could load 8 drum hits to the same pad by amending to sample on the selected pad.

Sorry for the long addition haha.


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I totally agree with the need for normalizing a section of the sampled waveform.

If I were to sample something right before the clean sample ends (e.g., intro), there’s usually a tail of a significantly louder verse that follows which I always chop off. However, I wouldn’t be able to normalize just the section of the sample that I am about to extract and save. It would normalize by the highest peak which are obviously the louder part of the sampled waveform which I intend to discard. So I save the sample, assign it to pad, then go to slice menu, view waveform, normalize, edit the sample name, save and replace the original sample.

It doesn’t take long but it would be a good improvement nonetheless.

This would probably work out fine if only we had the ability to discard the waveform outside of sample start/end locators. That way normalizing can work the way it currently does and we get this functionality in the end

You encounter even more problems with things like multi-samples with different volumes, or another example from yesterday… I was trying to use some dialogue, part of which was super quiet while the rest was nice and loud. It would have been so useful to be able to boost the quiet part/slice. Swapped out the sample in the end cos it was too much of a headache and not worth bouncing around 2 machines/ pc to try and fix tbh.

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